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Course Overview

The methods by which computers communicate with each other through the use of markup languages and multimedia packages is known as web technology. In the past few decades, web technology has undergone a dramatic transition, from a few marked up web pages to the ability to do very specific work on a network without interruption.
Web consists of billions of clients and server connected through wires and wireless networks. The web clients make requests to web server. The web server receives the request, finds the resources and return the response to the client. When a server answers a request, it usually sends some type of content to the client. The client uses web browser to send request to the server. The server often sends response to the browser with a set of instructions written in HTML(HyperText Markup Language). All browsers know how to display HTML page to the client.


Course Features

  • Web Designing
  • web development

Course Eligibility

There is no specified eligibility criterion in particular to seek admission to this course. However, one must have a basic knowledge of computer and computer science.

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