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Course Overview

ENSECPRO conducts training program on different emerging technologies like Web Development using Php & MySQL. The training curriculum has been designed according to the present industry needs & implementation specific demands which are executed by all around experienced and sound experts.

Our goal is to help students to pick up a top to bottom information of the connected innovation and its working. For present and future reference, we give abundant preparing materials focusing the subject and application areas of the technology.

Key Benefits

  • Training on specific core areas of the selected topic.
  • Real-time implementations through practical sessions.
  • Well-equipped practical classes where student can comfortably work on their projects.
  • Experienced & dedicated training professionals.
  • Work with various live projects.
  • Internship opportunity.

Course Features


  • Why do we use PHP and MySQL?
  • The PHP programming environment
  • Overview of SQL

Setting up a Test Server

  • Decisions about a testing environment
  • Installing Apache, PHP and MySQL on your computer
  • Testing on a remote Server
  • Deciding on Development tools
  • Using PHPMyAdmin

Overview of PHP

  • Setting up a PHP page
  • The phpinfo() function
  • Learning basic syntax
  • Echoing HTML output to the browser
  • The importance of comments
  • Using single and double quotes

Variables in PHP

  • Using loose typed variables
  • Assigning variables
  • Overview of numeric, string and other types
  • Assigning a variable to itself

Logical Operators

  • Arithmetic operators
  • Logical operators
  • Comparisons
  • Operator precedence

Numbers in PHP

  • Making calculations
  • Using built-in numeric functions
  • Incrementing and decrementing

Statement and Loop in PHP

  • The If statement
  • FOR loops
  • While loops
  • The Switch

Transferring Information between PHP Pages

  • GET and POST
  • Different form field types
  • Self-referencing forms
  • Form handlers

Database Fundamentals

  • Structuring a database
  • Using tables
  • Table relationships
  • Common data types

Creating a Database

  • Using PHPmyAdmin
  • Adding a table
  • Populating a table with types and data
  • Browsing a table with SQL

Getting PHP to Connect to MySQL

  • PHP5 and MySQL5 security features
  • Using mysqli_connect()
  • Testing a connection
  • Mysqli and prepared statements
  • Using a positional placeholder
  • Writing a sample error trap

Querying MySQL using PHP

  • Writing SQL queries
  • Using Select, Insert, Update and Delete
  • Querying MySQL and returning results
  • Interpreting the returned array

Building a Web Application

  • Manipulating dynamic pages:
  • Add entries
  • Modify entries
  • List entries

Course Eligibility

  • Undergraduates/ Graduates /College students/ Engineers & Working Professionals

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