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Course Overview

ENSECPRO take your Excel skills to the next level with our Advanced Excel training program. You’ll soon be crunching data, using advanced formulas, creating impressive graphs and charts like a pro, plus much more. Advanced Excel is used for almost anything that you can imagine: Agendas, Budgets, Calendars, Cards, Charts, and Diagrams, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Training on specific core areas of the selected topic.
  • Real-time implementations through practical sessions.
  • Well-equipped practical classes where student can comfortably work on their projects.
  • Work comfortably with Microsoft Excel and many of its advanced features.
  • Become one of the top Excel users in your team.
  • Be much quicker at carrying out regular tasks.

Course Features

Managing and Protecting Workbooks

  • Managing workbooks
  • Reviewing and protecting workbooks

Auditing Worksheets

  • Tracing Precedents
  • Tracing Dependents
  • Showing Formulas

Applying Custom Data Formatting and Layouts

  • Applying custom formats and validating data
  • Applying conditional formatting and filtering
  • Creating custom workbook elements
  • Preparing a workbook for internationalization

Create Advanced Formulas

  • Apply functions in formulas
  • Look up data by using functions
  • Apply advanced date and time functions
  • Perform data analysis and business intelligence
  • Troubleshoot formulas
  • Define named ranges and objects

Recording and Using Macros

  • Recording Macros
  • Running Macros
  • Editing Macros
  • Adding Macros to the Quick Access Toolbar

Working with Advanced Charts and Pivot Tables

  • Creating advanced charts
  • Creating and managing pivot tables
  • Creating and modifying pivot charts
  • Working with the power pivot data model

Data Analysis

  • Auto Filter and Advanced Filter
  • Creating and Using Outlines
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Collating Data from Several Worksheets

Advanced Functions

  • AutoSum
  • IF Function
  • VLookup Function
  • HLookup Function
  • What-If Analysis
  • Name Ranges
  • Array Formulas

Course Eligibility

Students/ Undergraduates/ Graduates/ Working Professionals with the concept of Basic Excel.

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